Соxибкирон Амир Темур таваллудининг 682 йиллиги

682 anniversary of the birth of Amir Temur



   On April 9, 2017, an event was organized under the title "History of Amir Temur and Temurids" with the participation of professors and students of Tashkent Institute of Design, Construction and maintenance of automotive roads.

   The event was opened by the pro-rector for spiritual and educational work of the institute B. Umarov, and said that on April 9, 682 anniversary of Amir Temur was widely celebrated in our country.

   Associate Professor of the Department of History of the National University of Uzbekistan N.Polvonov participated with his presentation "History of Amir Temur and Timurids" and noted that during the reign of Amir Temur, intensive development of agriculture, science, culture and landscape design in Movarunnahr, construction of canals and dams , the introduction of vacant land in the management of the economy, taxation, as well as the attraction of skilled masters from other countries to Samarkand; One of the great merits of Amir Temur, they stressed that he restored the Great Silk Road, and he created all conditions for trade caravans on the Great Silk Road, providing road safety, which led to a magnificent increase in trade.

Соxибкирон Амир Темур таваллудининг 682 йиллиги

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